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Peter is involved in the following works and projects

Consultant Pastoral Supervisor and Supervisor Trainer.
Supervisor for people in ministry and faith based organisations.
Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) Transforming Practices Inc and Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education United Kingdom (APSE-UK)

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries Sydney

Post abortion ministry Peter is Chair

The Swag

National Council of Priests Quarterly Magazine. Editor

Ministries with LGBTI people
RCiA Rainbow Catholics InterAgency.
Equal Voices

PALMS Australia
Volunteers abroad and in Australian indigenous communities

UTS Human Research Ethnics Committee

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Graduate Movement ACMICA

Peter is National Chaplain for the Catholic Graduate Movement called The Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs - ACMICA: www.acmica.org
ACMCIA is affiliated with ICMICA The Intenational Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs which, with the International Movement of Catholic Students forms the Cardijn inspired body called Pax Romana.
At the moment ACMICA is inactive but maybe one day we can get it going again.

PALMS Australia

Peter is chaplain to PALMS Australia which does great work in training and supporting volunteers abroad and in remote communities in Australia.
You can see what they do at http://www.palms.org.au/

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pastoral Supervision

"The unexamined life is not worth living." (Socrates)

Supervision is a way of reflection, identification, awareness and naming the workplace reality with its challenges and achievements. The supervisory relationship uses storytelling, analysis, interrogation of events and creativity to engage with workplace events in ways that shed light on their practice and meaning. While concerned with the workplace, there might also be occasion for personal issues to be shared as is appropriate and to the extent they affect the workplace.

Peter works in pastoral supervision with people working in christian ministry, chaplaincy, church, community or non-government organisations.

Peter is a Consultant/Supervisor with Transforming Practices Inc.(www.transformingpractices.com.au) and is accredited with AAOS(Australasian Association of Supervision). Peter also has a Bachelor of Theology (CIS) and a Masters in Adult Education (UTS).

Peter is trained and experienced in group supervision for those seeking this type of peer group supervision from the same or various workplaces.

Peter also works as a facilitator and/or consultant with community groups, workplace groups or organisations seeking clarity in goals, strategies, assisting workplace team work and efficiency in workplace structures.

If you wish to enquire about pastoral supervision, facilitation or consultation with Peter email: petermaher(at)hotmail.com
Skype: petermaher09

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reflective Consultation for Priests

"The unexamined life is not worth living." (Socrates)

A confidential and non-judgemental approach to reflecting on ministry experience leading to greater confidence,insight and growth.

What is Reflective Consultation for Pastoral Ministry?

Reflective Consultation is a way of learning from experience. With the assistance of a trained consultant/supervisor and a safe environment, people can focus on their ministry and explore ways to develop more effective approaches.

Through a variety of skills, knowledge and personal attributes priests undertake a wide variety of pastoral goals. These can bring great joy and a sense of achievement or they may leave a priest unsure, confused or exhausted. Reflective Consultation can be a key factor in self-care.

Reflective Consultation is an opportunity for noticing personal and collective responses to pastoral practice, bringing to the fore cultural and sociological issues that affect ministry. It also gives a person the opportunity to reflect biblically and theologically on pastoral practice.

Peter is a diocesan priest ordained for Sydney diocese in 1976. He has over 30 years experience in parish work. He has also worked in university and hospital chaplaincy and youth work.
Peter is a Consultant/Supervisor with Transforming Practices Inc. www.transformingpractices.com.au and is accredited with ASCCANZ (Association for Supervision, Coaching and Consulting in Australia and New Zealand) and Peter has a Bachelor of Theology (CIS) and a Masters in Adult Education (UTS).
Contact details: 109 Lennox St. Newtown NSW 2042
Email: petermaher(at)hotmail.com
Skype: petermaher09